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Drop us a line. Let us know what's going on.


Send us a picture of you having Good Times in a "Bad Hawaiian Shirt" It can be any Bad Hawaiian Shirt, not just ours . If you are semi-decent and not in the act of committing a crime felony, we'll post it to the Good Times gallery! Let us know where the picture was taken, and we'll tag it in the global map.


Are you a Hawaiian-based manufacturer of Aloha shirts? Do your shirts have perfectly matched front pockets and coconut shell buttons? If you answered yes to all of these questions, YOU ROCK! We are always on the hunt for new "Bad Shirts" to bring our Lahui. Please contact us:
And if you answered no to the questions above... stop being that guy, you can spot those shirts, with the upside down pocket, across a crowded $5.95 all you can eat buffet.

Distribution Partners

Are you the owner of a Tiki Bar, surf store, hospital gift shop, or heading to a Buffett concert and hoping to make a few bucks? Whatever your angle is, we're in! If you're interested in selling "Bad Shirts" and know how to have "Good Times", drop us a note:

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Is your website the perfect place for our banner ads? Got a great event that would be perfect for us to market our wares at or have some ideas to cross-promote our Bad Shirts at your Good Times? Serving Free Drinks? We got your man. Zuke has email and isn't afraid to use it.

Returns and Exchanges

Let us know, and we'll make it right. Pretty simple, huh? Hey, we like have good taste just having bought our stuff!