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Jim and Dave

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We are "Hawaiian Shirt Guys", "Hawaiian Shirt Connoisseurs" and fans of "Good Times". Our pledge is to bring you great shirts, crafted in Hawaii with the same features of vintage shirts from years past. Looking for pattern-matched front pockets, coconut shell buttons, pajama-top collars and great tropical patterns? We got you covered! Our shirts always have been, and always will be, made in Hawaii. Don't be that guy wearing the "Bangladesh shirt" with plastic buttons and an upside down pocket made from scraps. ("looks good on you though!"). Come on, you deserve better. Be your best, and look your best while having Good Times.
Whatever your idea of good times are, we'll supply the shirt.

    Bad Shirt Good Times™.
    Okole Maluna,
    Zuke and Tiki Jim
    Hawaiian Shirt Connoisseurs


Made In Hawaii

Garment Care

Garment Care - Our shirts have been made to last. We use vibrant colored dyes, which may release during the 1st wash cycle. When you get your shirt, wash it in cold water, separated from others (no self-respecting Hawaiian shirt wearing man likes pink underwear). After the initial wash, ALWAYS wash your shirt in COLD with like colors. Tumble-dry your shirt on low. And if you want to look real spiffy, use a cool iron.

Return Policy

If for some reason you can't have Good Times in one of our shirts, let us know. We'll do our best to make it right. All we ask is you don't send us back a shirt covered in food stains and smelling like beer. You won't be able to fool us. Like Fredo, "we're smahrt!"